Doberman Training Tips

Before you begin looking for Doberman training tips, you really need to know where to start.  It’s necessary to understand not only what your dog needs from you during the training sessions but also how those needs should be delivered in the most appropriate way. People tend to think their dogs are a lot smarter than they are when really all that happens is the dog responds to their actions or instructions.

Your dog is a pack animal craving to be accepted. We have to remember, it’s an animal with animal instincts. If the negative ways your dog behaves need a little modification, yelling or scolding will not work.  Showing the dog how to change the way he expresses those animal instincts by applying these Doberman training tips is the way forward.

Training your dog can be made so much easier by following a few basic points. Here are the top 5 Doberman training tips to get you started.

The Alpha Position – Of all the Doberman training tips this is the most fundamental. As the dog owner, the position you hold in the house bears great significance when training your dog. You have to remember that for the most part your dog has no idea what you are saying to him.

He needs to be taught that you are the boss, and the control of the situation is all yours. Once your dog is aware of this he will chill out, follow your instructions and will no longer be concerned about protection.

Crate Training – Using a crate is a super way to reduce barking sessions, eliminate house wrecking and lessen those anxiety bouts your dog many be experiencing.  If crate training is carried out properly, you will find it won’t be long before your dog will make the crate his den. He may soon get used to taking himself there for his afternoon nap.  Bear in mind, however, the crate should never be used as a means of punishment.

Leash Training – Teaching your dog to be calm and controlled is the most important thing to do if you are having problems with him when on his leash.  Once controlled, your dog will be able to respond to the commands you give him without being overly excited about the stroll he is about to take.

Many owners find that their dogs pull and run around whilst on a leash. The way to take control of this situation is to get the dog to sit by your side and calm down before walking again.  It won’t take long for the dog to realize that every time he pulls or attempts to run on ahead, the walk will abruptly come to a stop.

Obedience Training - Dog obedience classes provide you with some of the best Doberman training tips you are likely to come across.  This is particularly true for new dog owners because it will teach them how to establish and maintain the alpha leadership position mentioned above.  Obedience classes are the perfect way to supplement your home training whether you have a new pup or an older dog that needs additional training.

Consistency is the Key – This last tip is all about how you carry out the aforementioned suggestions.  Regardless of which of the Doberman training tips you are following, each and every one of them require consistency.  You may consider your dog to be intelligent, but realize the reason he responds to your commands is because he has learned them by doing the action over and over again.

For example, if you want your dog to calm down a little before you take him out for a walk, you should get him to sit for a minute prior to opening the door. You should do this on all occasions, not just every now and again.  The dog will not be confused by this action.  In fact, he will know exactly what you expect of him.  Once the rules are laid down, every member of the household should ensure they are followed to the letter.

Thorough dog training is likely to be harder for you than your dog, but by following some or all of these Doberman training tips your efforts will be greatly rewarded in the long run.

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