Doberman Separation Anxiety

Doberman separation anxiety is one of the most common issues that the average dog owner has to deal with. This problem ranges from an annoying barking session when you leave the house to the other extreme of your home being practically destroyed in your absence.

So Why Does This Happen?

Your Doberman is a pack animal. He is attached to you as the master and as such will become agitated when you leave the house. However, the reason for the agitation is not about the dog missing you – it’s all to do with your actions towards him as you come and go.

Most dog owners have a routine for themselves and their dogs which begins more or less as soon as they wake up in the mornings. This usually involves certain actions being carried out in a set way prior to leaving the dog in the house alone as well as upon the owners return later in the day. As a result of these little rituals, the dog is unable to control the feelings of anxiousness when he is left.

How to Reduce Doberman Separation Anxiety

There are numerous ways this can be done. Here are a few of the basic methods for you to start with.

Make a change in your daily routine – when your dog hears your alarm going off he knows you are going to get out of bed and very soon afterwards leave the house. If it’s possible, vary the times you get up slightly each day, get dressed at a different time throughout the proceedings and pick up your keys a while before you intend to go out. These modifications are only small but they are sure to reduce the anxiety your dog will be feeling before you set off for the day.

Don’t reinforce the behaviour – by petting your dog before you go out, and showering him with attention the minute you walk back through the door, all you are doing is encouraging Doberman separation anxiety. One of the easiest ways of actually reducing this experience for your dog is to not draw attention to the fact that you are coming and going. Don’t say a million silly voiced goodbyes to your dog as you leave and when you return ignore him for at least ten to fifteen minutes as if nothing particular has happened in between times.

You don’t have to leave the house to practice this method. You can simply put your dog in another room and keep popping in and out without paying him any attention or talking to him.

Build up gradually – start by leaving your dog for short intervals if he tends to show Doberman separation anxiety the minute you leave. Then build up the time you are away from him gradually. He will soon come to expect you when he sees you.

It’s Not Being Cruel – It’s Being Kind

It may at first feel like you are being cruel to treat your pet in this way but in truth you are helping him to relax and when he does so he will overcome these feeling of anxiety because he knows you are going to return. Your dog will be far healthier, emotionally and physically when anxiety is reduced, or better still nonexistent.

Doberman separation anxiety problems of a prolonged or severe nature, however small, need addressing as soon as possible so your dog can disassociate your comings and goings with the pack order and his survival.

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