Doberman Chasing

Your Doberman chasing after anything that moves is a major problem. Chasing can be a very dangerous pastime and we are not just talking about the dog being at risk. What about the woman jogging by, the man on the bicycle or any other living creature that gets his attention for that matter.

Chasing may also bring a swift end to a calm and pleasant stroll with your dog. Sometimes it seems the only option is tying your dog up. However, an effort should be made to modify his chasing behavior.

The Basics of Retraining

Doberman chasing basic retraining is what is needed if your dog has severe problems of this kind.  This training will help to reduce his negative behavior. By using your best friend, the leash, you should be able to provide a safe method of controlling your dog while training is taking place.

Here are some steps to help you get Doberman chasing retraining underway.

Get your dog to focus on you. Although some people tend to avoid doing this, you need to be the alpha leader to get your dog to stop chasing. When you are out walking with your dog make sure his eyes are on you prior to moving. He must not be allowed to begin his walk without being directly focused on you.

Leash training may take a little time if your dog has a tendency to pull as you walk, and his attention is not on you. When he pulls, make him stop, sit and wait for you before moving off again. Continue this ritual every time he pulls at the leash. It won’t take him long to realize that when he pulls, the walk comes to a halt until you decide he can continue.

Distract him with a toy if you think he may attempt to dash off while on the leash. It’s all about gaining his attention and pulling it away from whatever he was fixated on and wanting to chase.  Even if you have to throw it for him to chase, he will be chasing what you want him to and not some unsuspecting cyclist out for a quiet bike ride.

There’s a great tactic you might try with the help of one of your friends. All they have to do is pass by you, either cycling, jogging or doing some other activity to encourage your dog to chase them. When he goes after them, they can turn to him and firmly tell him to stop and spray him with water from a water bottle.

Dogs don’t like this. They will soon learn that when they catch whomever they are chasing, they will not care for the reward they get. This method might not work for all dogs. It may simply make them angry. They may continue to chase; however, it’s worth a try.

Avoid using extreme measure to stop your Doberman chasing. Don’t use electrified fences, shock collars or other devices designed to keep dogs in line. Apart from being inhumane, they are rarely effective. If you have tried everything you can and you have not been successful at stopping your Doberman chasing, it may be time to bring in the experts to see what they can do.

It will take time and effort to leash train your dog. But remember that your Doberman chasing cars, bikes, people and animals is very dangerous for all involved. Protect your dog and those around him by making sure you do what you can to stop this kind of anti-social behavior.